John R Little

Data Janitor ; Data Cleaner ; Data Analysis Consultant: providing Data Services to my Data & Visualization clients in the Duke University Libraries.

My Workshops

I provide a series of workshops on R, OpenRefine, and other Data Science tools. Topics include API orchestration, twitter gathering, web scraping, data parsing, and data cleaning. Each workshop is designed as a hands-on experience. You can download the practice data, the presentation slides, the workbook, and the guides. Accompanying recordings of the workshops are available. Details…

R we having fun yet‽

A learning series on [R]

The Data & Visualization Services Department hosts a series of campus/community-oriented, informal discussions on the R programming language. Our goals is to promote a friendly atmosphere for exploring the extensible capabilities of the R/RStudio environment. Join us most Thursdays at noon. Details…


Covering topics such as API orchestration, JSON parsing, flexdashboards, ggvis, twitter data gathering, etc. Details…

Data & Visualization Services Department

My department provides services and consulting in data sources, data cleaning, analysis, data management, GIS and mapping, and Visualization. Come crunch your data in our premier data analysis computing lab. Additionally we sponsor an extensive workshop series. The guides, data resources, and video recordings of our Past Workshop are available online.

Register for our upcoming workshops. Come see us during our Walk-in hours or contact us at


My slide-deck template integrates the Duke University Color palette into the Xaringan slide package. Compose your slides in Rmarkdown, knit, and you’re done. Now go present and deliver the Duke-wow. My next development step for this project is to further integrate the existing template into the Rstudio document template feature-set which will streamline your slide development even more.

Contact Me / Social Media

Get in touch, or schedule me for an in-person consultation. Details…




updated: 2017-05-04